Habbo Hotel
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FUSE Hotel features

FUSE Hotel tries its best to emulate the version version (Habbo Hotel from 2002) near completion, so far we've successfully reproduced 12 public rooms, to which 11 of them are fully furnished.

User features
  • Register user account
  • Create user account
  • Edit user details (password, figure and mission, etc)

Navigator features
  • See list of public rooms
  • See list of users in each public room

Public Room Features
  • Enter public room
  • Load all furniture within the public room
  • Ability to sit on furniture
  • Ability to walk around, chat, whisper and dance

There is still work to be done, for example private rooms aren't working yet!

Habbos in the hotel:
Check in!


If you haven't been to Habbo Hotel before why not go on a hotel tour?

You'll need Shockwave to check in to the hotel, but don't worry - it's free (and safe) to download.